Therefore SPAES is your competent partner

SPAES is an independent design organization Part 21J and a production organization Part 21G with access to many aviation companies and maintenance organizations. We have a network of more than 30 design engineers in the field of avionics, structure and cabin interior in aviation. This allows us not only the professional implementation of technical solutions with excellent know-how, but also the realization of complex projects – national and international.

Your advantage – Our complete service

SPAES offers a complete range of services. To design, produce, sell, install and manage our products and services, we cover the sector`s entire value chain. Our portfolio includes furthermore services like a competent project consulting, engineering and provision of technical personal for practical realization, training for qualified specialists and management staff and the mutual commercialization of the projects.

Our competence – Realizing professionally your projects with passion

Your projects are important to us and we implement it professionally with our long term know-how and experience. Our strength is the realization of technically-challenging plans with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Joachim Schanz

Head of Design Organisation Part 21J
Accountable Manager Part 21G
Compliance Verification Engineer
Avionics / Structure / Cabin
Trainer CS 23/27/29

Joachim Kies

Head of Operations
Head of Office of Airworthiness Part 21J
Compliance Verification Engineer
Structure / Mechanics / Cabin
Project Manager

Malina Förderer

Assistant of CEO
Head of Human Resources
Purchasing & Finance


Nikolas Kares

Head of Production
Design Engineer Structure / Mechanics / Cabin
Head of Production Organisation Part 21G
Project Manager

Bernd Kautt

Head of Design Organisation

Structure / Mechanics / Cabin
Medical Systems

Victor Schottmüller

Design Engineer Structure / Mechanics / Cabin

Melisa Kir

Design Engineer Avionic / Electrical Systems / Structure

Kai Peter

Design Engineer Avionic / Structure / Mechanics / Cabin

Benjamin Schnitzler

Design Engineer Structure / Mechanics / Cabin

Markus Dincher

Educ. integrated degree program
Aerospace Electronics

Lion Michael

Student in Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering
Bachelor thesis

Sabina Imamovic

Student in international Business
Bachelor thesis

Jelena Mihaljevic



Horst Elsen



EASA Part 21J Design Organization

Developments in aeronautical products may only be carried out in development plants approved by EASA. Strict specifications for the products, the operating requirements and the employee qualification ensure that safety and reliability are already given great attention in the development.

Part 21G Production Organization

The manufacture of EASA Form 1 aircraft parts may be carried out only in a Part 21G Production Organization. The developer receives his documents from the EASA Part 21J Design Organization. SPAES offers a complete range of services. To design, produce, sell, install and manage our products and services, we cover the sector`s entire value chain.

Social interaction with our customers

We would like to fulfil the expectations of our customers not only, but we want to exceed their expectations.
We place on flexibility to realize customer wishes as fast as possible.
We would continuously like to improve and work steadily on becoming better.

Our values

Social interaction with our employees

We attach great importance to teamwork, respect and fair play.Only with teamwork we can reach the optimum for our customers. Hence, our employees work closely together and get involved in a successful conclusion of the customer projects. The focus is not only on the achievement of own goals. Business thinking is important to our employees. This is the only way how a company can grow successfully and is able to establish itself in new business segments. Our employees are willing to learn constantly. We encourage and support them in it. To learn from each other and to support each other is our motto. Our employees help themselves mutually with their knowledge and leave nobody in the rain.

We maintain a personal and direct cooperation oriented to aim and communication, so that we can work efficiently. The duties of the employees must be realistic clearly defined, as well as be chronologically moveable.

We communicate directly without bureaucracy to be able to conclude duties and projects specifically in time.

Demanding and promoting is our motto. We want our employees to develop themselves and we support them in doing so.