Air Disinfection with UVC Technology

SPAES offers UV circulating air disinfection units (UV-CAD) in the aviation industry for use in helicopters and airplanes.
The system is available in different sizes and variants.

Due to variable air flow rates, the UV-CAD is specially designed for use in aircrafts and can be mounted at various positions in the cabin.

  • Reduction of infection risk for passengers
  • Improvement of hygiene through direct air sanitizing
  • Kills 99.99% of viruses in the air
  • Effective against the Corona Virus

The UVC technology greatly reduces the aerosols in the cabin air

  • Customized development
  • Adaptation to the existing A/C configuration
  • Certification according to aviation regulations

Special customer requirements will be realized on request.


Depending on the virus, a certain dose of UVC is needed to block it.
The lethal dose needed to destroy 90% of a virus type is called LD90.
With influenza viruses it is simply done with 2 mJ/cm², with Corona there are unfortunately very few values, but most experts consider an LD90 of 4 mJ/cm² to be realistic.

Technical details on request.