Together, we are more successful – this is our motto. If you are looking for a specialized cooperation partner, then with SPAES, an owner-managed company, you are in the right place. Together, we realize new projects in aviation. With our long term experience in aviation and our expertise, we can perform the design, production and marketing of products and systems in the European and international market.

This is what we reached with our cooperation partners

Up to now we could achieve together a lot in the past – the gain of new customers and projects, the expansion of our network, product and sale offers and regular customers, new product development, joint distribution of products or bringing together the project partners.

The possibilities, we have together, are various.

SPAES as cooperation partner

We offer you a complete project management and engineering based on our technical know-how and long term experience in aviation. This includes not only a Europe-wide network of design engineers, an own Part 21 J design organization and the development and qualification of products (DO-160 ED-14, ETSO), but also an independent network with connection to many maintenance companies and design organizations.

Profit from our cooperation

With our win-win strategy, we both have the advantage of our cooperation, namely sustainable and long term success.

Together we achieve more – beginning with the development, qualification and distribution of aviation products and systems and the development of installation KIT’s up to acquiring new customers and extending the range of customers. As a result, we can generate more sales on the European and international market. With a cooperation we can exploit new business fields. Let’s get started.

Our Additional service – Your extra benefit

For professional distribution, we need professional marketing and public relations. To distribute our products in a better way, we offer professional public relations and marketing as an additional service. To distribute our products and acquire new customers, we create public relation texts and materials.

We undertake all – from creating press releases, information sheets up to flyer and advertising on social media platforms.

As soon as we receive the approval, we start with our co-marketing.