To turn an idea into a perfect design, you need SPAES. Because design is our strength. From new cabin interior equipment to retrofit and modification up to realization of avionics systems – SPAES, as your competent partner, realizes your ideas properly and on schedule. Because we have a network of more than 30 design engineers in the field of aviation.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio includes the design and compliance verification in structure, avionics and cabin interior according to CS 23/27/29 on helicopters and airplanes. SPAES approves durability of the cabin and of structure components, wiring diagrams and installation instructions.

We support you as design and compliance verification engineer with Minor Change and STC in your Part 21 J design organization and also realize complete engineering projects on-site or at our premises. Our technical and avionics staffs assist you with installation of avionic systems or structural changes.

Your expert in composite engineering services

Whether CFK (Carbon) or GFK (fiberglass), SPAES develops composite parts and realizes your ideas professionally from the beginning to construction.

Implementation process

As consultant SPAES advises how the implementation will take place. We calculate the required costs as well the time requirements for design, approval and implementation of your planned projects. After coordination and approval through the customer we design the specification and the planned approach. Then follows the realization. Prototype documents are prepared and regularly coordinated with you. For finalization of the project we support you with the documentation and implementation of the necessary test and approval procedures. For your requirements we create operation, maintenance and service documents.

Your advantage – Saving time and money with 3D engineering

With 3D CAD SPAES has short construction cycles and low design costs. The work efficiency increases and your projects are realized economically and quickly. The design time is reduced by 50 percent or more by reusing earlier construction data. Our 3D CAD design allows complex and sustainable projects. We provide you further supports at any preferred time with service contract, also after the finalization of the project. This guarantees you the availability of specialists in the field of aviation.

SPAES – Your competent partner for part and complete projects

To perform engineering services according to aviation standards, we are available as an aviation expert and conduct partial as well as complete projects for you. With our long term expertise in aviation, we are well prepared for your requirements.