Installation of a Digital Heading Indicator in Airbus H125 Helicopter

In order to improve operating characteristics and reduce AOG downtime, SPAES replaced with a customer the analog heading indicator with a RCA1510 digital heading indicator into H125 helicopter.

The RCA1510 digital heading indicator from RC Allen works completely independently. The system only requires a connection to the power supply and an external GPS antenna. Since the digital heading indicator does not have a mechanical gyroscope, it is much more accurate than conventional heading indicators. A further advantage is the brightness control of the screen which improves the visibility for the pilot. The indicator fits into a standard 3-inch panel cutout and is fixed with four screws.
The selection of the RCA1510 indicator was done together with the customer.
The installation of the new system reduces the probability of system failure and at the same time improves the accuracy to the analog system.

“The new digital heading indicator reduces the repair and replacement costs for maintenance and improves the availability of our customer’s helicopters” says Joachim Schanz, Managing Director of SPAES.

For the replacement, the Part 21J Design Organization of SPAES prepared the installation documents and made them available to the customer.
For this purpose, the analog system was removed and the RCA1510 digital heading indicator of RC Allen was installed with the Part 145 Maintenance Organisation of the customer.
The first installation was carried out on an AS350 B3 helicopter. After the successful installation of the system, the functional tests for safe operation were completed and the certification procedure for the approval was finished.
After completion of the certification a Minor Change was issued.
The digital heading indicator RC1510 have already been installed on 3 helicopters of the customer for which SPAES has issued the required documentation.
The Minor Change is available for the types AS350 B3, and B3E/EC130 T2