Installation of AIR TRAFFIC FLARM and ADS-B Traffic Sensor in helicopter AS 350 and EC 130 for better air traffic control

SPAES GmbH & Co. KG installed with a customer a collision warning system for better air traffic control in the helicopters AS 350 / EC 130.

The collision warning system sends and receives FLARM data by PowerFLARM technology. Furthermore the system receives ADS-B data and signals from Mode-S transponders and allows a visual presentation of aircrafts on a display.

The flexible interface design allows a seamless integration in the cockpit. AIR TRAFFIC receives FLARM data and sends GPS- and traffic data to all compatible receiver and display systems. Additionally ADS-B data and Mode-S traffic information are processed. “The system is small and does not need much power. The AIR Traffic was covered installed as remote system and is connected with the power supply. The AIR TRAFFIC display can also be mounted as compact unit in the cockpit panel. The versatile application and the variable installation of AIR Traffic allows an integration in a bride range of aircrafts”, says Joachim Schanz, CEO SPAES.

FLARM is a traffic information and collision warning system for aviation and supports the pilot due to air traffic control. With integrated FLARM the pilot gets information on air traffic and will be warned of dangerous collisions.

For installation, SPAES created a minor change in the EASA Part J21 design organization and prepared the required compliance documents.