Installation of an ESI-500 in Airbus Helicopter H125

SPAES creates Minor Change for the installation of an ESI-500 Electronic Standby Instrument System in an Airbus H125

The ESI-500 Standby Instrument System was installed as part of a Garmin G500 TXi installation.

By installation the G500 TXi, the analog devices were able to removed from the instrument panel, which allowed the cockpit to be digitized completely.
Since the G500 TXi provides all flight-relevant data, it was necessary to install a back-up system in order to be able to operate the helicopter safely in case of system failure. The ESI-500 was selected for this purpose, which is also recommended by the manufacturer. The ESI-500 mirrors the G500 TXi PFD data and displays airspeed, altitude, attitude and slip data.
The unit is equipped with an internal battery and continues to indicate uninterrupted PFD information in the event of a system failure. The ESI-500 was installed above the Garmin G500 TXi and give the pilot a good view to the device during operation.

“The installation of the ESI-500 has created the redundancy of the systems and ensured the flight safety of the pilots”, says Melisa Kir, Design Engineer for avionics at SPAES GmbH & Co. KG.

The required minor change for the installation of the ESI-500 in the H125 was carried out in the SPAES’ own EASA Part 21J Organisation.
The ESI-500 was installed in the customer’s own part 145.