Installation of Circulation Air Disinfection System in Airbus H145

SPAES procures UV-CAD circulating air disinfection system and creates minor change for installation in Airbus H145

The Corona pandemic requires fast and sensible solutions. For a customer in the search and rescue area, SPAES procures the UV CAD circulation air disinfection systems and creates the associated Minor Change for their Airbus H145 helicopters.

To find the optimal installation position, an air circulation test was performed in the helicopter. After completion and analysis of the tests, a mounting position behind the center console was determined with the customer.

“A central position has been chosen for the installation of the UV-CAD, allowing effective air disinfection against the SarsCoV-2 and other viruses (e.g., hepatitis A, influenza A). The system is designed to achieve multiple air purification per hour,” said Joachim Kies, Head of Operations at SPAES.

The UV-CAD is used in the customer’s helicopters during the transportation of passengers and own staff.

The UV-CAD units were designed and manufactured to be applicable for air rescue, VIP transport, tactical missions and NVIS operations.

Procurement of parts and manufacturing of the UV-CAD was coordinated in the material department with our suppliers. The final assembly was performed in SPAES own Production Organisation.

The required Minor Changes for installation in the H145 were performed in SPAES’ EASA Part 21J Design Organisation.