Production of further adapter plates for operation optimization in air rescue for Airbus AS 365 Dauphin helicopter

For optimized operation of helicopters in air rescue, SPAES GmbH & Co. KG supplied a customer with two more adapter plates for integration of a medical seat on Airbus AS 365 Dauphin helicopter.
The adapter plate facilitate the mounting of optional two medical backpacks and an ECMO bracket. “The STC increases the flexibility of medical operations and offers more space for the crew.

The adapter plate can be used for all variants of SA/AS 365 Dauphin, said Joachim Kies, Head of Operational Business SPAES.
For production of the adapter plate, first the single parts are manufactured. After surface treatment, the parts were installed on the adapter plate.
For completion of the adapter plate the seat was mounted and installed in the helicopter.
An EASA STC for the adapter plates is already available.