Either you are in the need of existing product and system or you wish the customer specific implementation to be applied in your aircraft – we have optimal and fast solutions for your necessities.

Our products – Your benefit

We have the right solutions for your specific requirements. With our know-how and our cooperation partners, we have numerous possibilities to design and realize specific applications.

Our products – Enhanced safety and functionality in your aircraft

Our products feature high practicality and enhance the safety and functionality of your aircraft.

Our installation KIT’s – Our solutions for your special requirements

According to your requirements, we design and manufacture aviation parts, devices and systems which are integrated in aircrafts by Part-145 maintenance organization. For installation we realize the EASA STC and develop the necessary installation and test documents.

UV Laser Wire & Cable Marking LaserLec MRO 200 B

SPAES offers you the production of single cables and complete wire harness, which can be produced in combination with the installation of avionic systems or as single order. The cables are individually adapted and printed according to aviation standards using UV laser technology to meet your requirements.

Medical Mounts

Design and manufacturing of medical mounts

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Ventilating Air Disinfection Unit UV-CAD

The UV-CAD (ultraviolet circulation air disinfection) is a cleaning system that sterilizes the air with the proven UVC cleaning method.

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Lightweight Crash Recorder

The SferiRec LCR is the perfect solution for aircraft with recording functions for sound, flight data and video in one housing.

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Mounting Rack Hamilton T1

Specially designed mounting rack

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Nightscanner® Search and Landing Light on Airbus BK 117

The LED Super™ Nightscanner® is an integrated search and landing light. It is installed in the lower fuselage of the helicopter.

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Medical Equipment Retainer Airbus EC 155

The variable Equipment Retainer is for mounting of medical devices and medical equipment.

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Medical rack for Perfusor® Braun Space for helicopter EC 135

Design, procurement and installation of medical racks for infusion pump Perfusor® Space in helicopter EC 135.

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Medical rack for Oxylog 3000 plus / Hamilton T1 for EC 135

Design, procurement and installation of medical racks, suitable for ventilator Oxylog 3000 plus / Hamilton T1.

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Tactical workplace SA/AS 365 Dauphin

For air rescue operation, SPAES realized and certified an adapter plate for a medical workplace in a helicopter SA/AS 365 Dauphin.

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