Replacement of USB Charger Unit in Airbus H145

SPAES replaces USB charger in the cockpit of Airbus H145 helicopter with a customer.

Due to the limited charging power of the pre-installed USB charging unit of its Airbus H145 helicopters, SPAES was commissioned to replace the system. For the new USB charging unit, the customer selected a device he preferred with a better efficiency.

To achieve this, the pre-installed charging system was removed, and the necessary wiring and mechanical parts were replaced.

The new USB Charger was installed on the same position as the previous system.

The new charger units, the new structural parts and the associated cables and small parts were manufactured by SPAES in its own Part 21G production organization and certified with a Form 1.

The procurement of the installation KITs and the approval of the system from a single source was the decisive argument for our customer to realize the project with us. With the installation of the new USB Charger, the pilots can quickly and reliably charge all the required devices during the operation of the helicopter by day and night,” says Joachim Kies, Head of Operations at SPAES GmbH & Co. KG.

The replacement of the USB charging unit was carried out with a Minor Change at SPAES own EASA Part 21J design organization. The installation KITs were assembled at SPAES and delivered to the customer upon completion. The installation was performed at the customer’s own Part 145 maintenance organization.