SPAES offers online training

Due to the changes in the Corona crisis, SPAES is adapting its own processes and services in order to be able to offer the customer the best possible service.

Since March 2020, SPAES has also offered all training courses as online training. The company is responding to the travel restrictions caused by the Corona crisis.

“A training session was planned on our premises in March. The sudden travel restrictions were a big problem for us and our customers and simply canceling the training was not an option for us.
Problems need solutions.”
Joachim Schanz comments

SPAES will continue to expand its online offering in the future. The expansion of the training offer as an online version is an opportunity to win new customers and to be able to offer customers more comfort and flexibility. The customer thus has the opportunity to receive the training on the PC, from home or from their own workplace, without great effort and travel costs. This saves time and money.
SPAES offers the following training courses:

  • Structure of EASA Part 21 J Design Organization
  • Structure of EASA Part 21 G Production organization
  • Evaluation of technical framework for projects
  • Training of aviation management staff
  • Training and interpretation of EASA regulations and their accompanying materials
  • Support in communicating with authorities

The training courses at SPAES are generally or specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. The training courses are prepared after determining the goals and the desired qualifications.

Trainings are held with a maximum of ten participants in order to be able to respond to the individual questions and needs of each person. Individual trainings are also possible.